Terms and Conditions for Contributors

Plain English Summary

Below is a plain English summary of our terms and conditions. This is just a summary and does not replace the actual terms of the publishing agreement below.

  • You agree to submit your work to World History Encyclopedia ("WHE") on a volunteer basis without compensation.
  • You warrant that your work is original and free of plagiarism, that you have the right to publish it and that it does not violate any laws.
  • You give WHE the right to publish your work in perpetuity.
  • You will not publish the same work in any other publication for at least one year after it is published on WHE.
  • WHE will ensure to cite you as the author of your work.
  • WHE may edit or remove your work from its website, either before or after publication.
  • WHE may use your work in other contexts, such as social media or marketing.
  • WHE may license your work to third parties. If such a license involves payment, you will receive a share of the profit.

Publishing Agreement

By submitting a work of authorship the contributor ("You") agrees to this License Agreement (this “Agreement”) with World History Publishing Ltd doing business as World History Encyclopedia (“WHE”):

  1. License. You hereby grant to WHE: (A) an exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable license to publish, reproduce, distribute, transmit, perform, display, store, translate, create derivative works from, and otherwise use the articles, images, illustrations, educational materials, designs, layouts, translations and any other works of authorship You contribute to WHE (Your “Work”) for any purpose, including commercial purposes, in any form, manner, format, or medium, whether now known or hereafter developed, throughout the world and in any language; and (B) the right to sublicense any of the rights granted above in this Section 1.
    • If WHE publishes Your Work on its website at worldhistory.org or successor domains (the “Website”), the rights granted in the preceding sentence will remain exclusive to WHE for one year from such publication; provided thereafter You shall not distribute, publicly perform, publicly display, or otherwise publish Your Work without clear and prominent attribution to WHE as the original publisher. Except as set forth in the preceding sentence, WHE’s exclusivity will be perpetual.
    • Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, You recognize and agree that: (i) WHE may license Your Work under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike License, so that it may be passed on and used by others for non-commercial purposes; (ii) WHE may license Your Works under a more restrictive license, including any license suitable for the applicable medium and platform of publication; (iii) WHE may remove Your Work from the Website or other publication for any reason, even after Your Work was previously published; and (iv) WHE may publish derivative works of Your Work as social media posts or advertisements or as part of a book or other publication.
    • You recognize and agree that You have no right to prevent publication, distribution, or any other use of the Work by WHE or third parties, and you hereby waive any such rights. If WHE breaches this Agreement, Your sole remedy will be damages, not any injunction against such publication, distribution, or other use.
  2. Attribution. If it publishes Your Work, WHE shall attribute it to you as the author, and it shall require that any third party receiving your Work from WHE for publication agree to the same attribution. Your consideration pursuant to this Agreement includes, without limitation, such attribution and publication, except as set forth in the next sentence; provided additional compensation may be due pursuant to Section 3 below. However, if Your Work is so modified or combined that Your contribution is not material, in WHE’s reasonable judgment, no attribution is required.
  3. Compensation. WHE shall have no obligation to compensate You for Your Work, irregardless of whether it is published or not. You are submitting Your Work on a volunteer basis.
    • If WHE receives cash payment from selling Your Work or licensing the rights to use Your Work to third parties, WHE shall pay You 30% of the net profit directly attributable to Your Work. If Your Work is part of a collaborative creation involving multiple authors, WHE shall pay Your share of net profits above only in proportion to Your contribution to the whole creation, in WHE’s reasonable discretion. (Examples of collaborative creations include, without limitation, text supplemented by photographs or by editorial and design work, as well as books containing text by multiple authors.)
    • You recognize and agree that: (a) you have no right to compensation related to Your Work except as specifically set forth in this Agreement; and (b) WHE may distribute Your Work without receiving a profit or net profit, or any cash compensation, in which case you will receive no cash compensation.
  4. Warranties. You represent and warrant that:
    • You have the authority and all necessary rights to execute this Agreement.
    • Your Work is original, has not been published in any other publication, is not under consideration by any other publication, and does not infringe any existing copyright or any other third party rights.
    • You have cited sources and added a bibliography (if appropriate pursuant to publishing industry custom and practice).
    • None of Your Work is plagiarized.
    • You are the sole author of Your Work and have full authority to enter into this agreement, and in granting rights to WHE are not in breach of any other obligations.
    • Your Work contains nothing that is unlawful, libelous, or that would, if published, constitute a breach of contract or of confidence or of commitment given to secrecy.
    • To Your knowledge all statements contained in Your Work purporting to be facts are true.
  5. Termination. Either party may terminate this Agreement at any time with respect to future works you contribute to WHE. No such termination will alter WHE’s rights to the work set forth in this Agreement.