The 12 Olympian Gods

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Mark Cartwright
published on 10 September 2019

The 12 gods of Mount Olympus were the most important deities in ancient Greece. In this collection, we examine each of the 12 in detail. With their all-too-human qualities in Greek mythology, the Olympian gods were capable of displaying great kindness and dishing out terrible punishments. The gods argued amongst themselves, had love affairs, and protected their favourite mortal heroes down on earth but each god had a more serious role to play in the Greek view of the world. The Olympian gods represented important ideals and features of the human condition such as justice, loyalty, wisdom, beautiful music, and the changing of the seasons.

Who Were The Twelve Olympian Gods?

The standard 12 Olympian gods are:

The Greeks did not always agree on the 12 and some lists include Hestia, Hercules or Leto, with Dionysos often the one replaced.

The Olympian gods led by Zeus twice defeated the sources of chaos represented by the Titans and the Giants. These gods then, rule humanity's destiny and sometimes directly interfere - favourably or otherwise. Indeed, the view that events are not human's to decide is further evidenced by the specific gods of Fate and Destiny.



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Questions & Answers

What are the 12 gods of Olympus and their powers?

The 12 gods of Olympus and their powers are: Zeus (supreme god), Hera (protects childbirth), Athena (wise and resourceful), Apollo (healer and musician), Poseidon (brings storms and earthquakes), Ares (aggressive warfare), Artemis (huntress), Demeter (brings fertility), Aphrodite (brings love and desire), Dionysos (wine and merriment), Hermes (fast messenger who brings luck), and Hephaistos (master craftsman).

Who is the 13th Olympic god?

The 12 Olympian gods are not always agreed upon in ancient sources. A substitute for Dionysos or even a 13th Olympic god could be Hestia, Hercules or Leto,

Who is the strongest of the 12 gods?

The strongest of the 12 Olympian gods is Zeus, leader of the group.
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